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Things to do-Dalmatia Trogir

UNESCO City of Trogir, the pearl of the Adriatic and the spirit of the past. Trogir is not only a museum of the city, it is a vibrant city on the Mediterranean, playful sun and warm breeze.

Slapovi Krke-Šibenik
KRKA WATERFALLSThis is a spot where the stunning beauty is expressed in full through the perennial play of sun and water
ISLAND HVARThe town of Hvar on the homonymous island attracts many visitors because of its exceptional beauty and numerous historical
ISLAND BRAČZlatni rat is the beach situated to the west of Bol in the island of Brac. Beach Zlatni Rat is one of most beautiful Adriatic natural
RAFTINGOur river adventure starts on the banks of the Cetina River in the hinterland region of the Mount Biokovo
DUBROVNIKThis ancient city, encircled by its mighty walls and fortresses, looks like a precious jewel surrounded by sea on all side
Plitvička jezera
PLITVICE LAKESSituated in a thick forest, Plitvice Lakes are considered one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world
SPLITSplit is the economic and center of Middle Dalmatia, situated on a peninsula and surrounded by historical towns and settlements
ISLAND DRVENIKOne of the unspoiled natural beauty of our area is Krknjasi lagoon . Taste chrystal clear sea, tuch of sun on the skin, smell of pinewod