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Day 1:

- Gathering in Trogir and learning about the itinerary. Drive to Zadar, crossing the famous bridge of Pag and accommodation in Pag. Getting to know the city, its culture and a long and rich history with an expert guide (professional person carries us from past experiences, recounts how our ancestors lived, how they entertained themselves and what they are wearing, and showing us the example of clarifying parts of the male and then and women’s traditional dress, we review the traditional jewelry, lace, we learn that the Pag dance, etc..). Lunch. Tour of the Romanesque church of the Assumption, along which are the remains of the Franciscan monastery in the center of which is a water tank which is associated with the legend of the miraculous phenomenon of water in times of drought, a tour of the tower Skrivanat, and the remains of the city walls, and the Rector’s Palace. Return to hotel / accommodation. Dinner

Day 2:

- Breakfast. Tour of the Benedictine monastery of Saint Margaret, where there is a chapel of St. Nicholas, Renaissance styles with gothic elements located along the western part of the city walls. View the collection of over 127 exhibits of Pag lace (which is protected by UNESCO in intangible assets), which the Benedictine nuns kept and collected for more than 150 years. Lunch. Back in the monastery workshop in which with the help of Benedictine nuns we learn how to knit lace. Picking up our work that we have made, as happy memories of the workshop, and the opportunity to purchase more complex works. Return to hotel / accommodation. Dinner

Day 3:

- Breakfast. Re-visit the Benedictine nuns, but this time the lesson in cookery (more than three centuries they prepare delicious and fragrant delicacy “golden Baškotin” and are part of etiquette and family prestige, they usually honor guests and treat patients with a cup of tea). Learning how to knead the dough, let it rise, stretching and folding in large casserole, first and second baking and drying process. After completion of the following common “brunch” where the hot golden toast smears with home-made butter and served with harvested grass homemade tea. Going to the farm for lunch where we eat the Dalmatian  food (grilled lamb, which has a special taste because it was grown on the island of salt and sage food and fine sparse grass sown with salt brought caused by more frequent winter tempests, young goat cheese, Pag cheese, prosciutto, olives and olive oil, wine, spirits …). Walk through the vineyard and learning about special Pag grape, which is named “Paška žutica”   due to its properties. Opportunity to purchase these products. Fun with Dalmatian song. Return to hotel. Dinner

Day 4:

- Breakfast. Visiting the room of  ”Paška glazba” where we accompanied by an instrument “mišinice” (made of treated sheep goatskin with a tube to blow air and instrument “twin houses” at the bottom of the instrument) learn to dance “Paško kolo”. Organized a farewell lunch with a concert of Paška glazba, dancing and a common known as “Paška škola”. On the way back  we  visit the largest salt pans in Croatia, exploring the production, plant breeding and different types of salt. Opportunity to purchase salt for food or bath salts (salt packages offered in the scents of pine, lavender, mandarin, rosemary, eucalyptus with mint and pine). Return to Trogir

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