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Adventure travel Dalmatian antiquity


Want to learn about antiques, simultaneously yearn for a unique, recreational and adventurous way you all do that? This is the right thing for you! To protect crops and farmers, Trogir princes were with church officials on the coast or on the rocks have built castles. All of these are done with the approval of the Venetian authorities. Thus fortified castles – castles really are with their towers, loopholes and movable bridges to the mainland acted as a fortress. On the side facing the sea have been rebuilt in the style of Renaissance villas, with wide windows and balconies.

Welcome guests, meeting and presentation of the program of tours. View of Trogir accompanied by a professional guide, organized lunch in a restaurant in the old town. Visit to Mujina cave where they were found is about 45,000 years old, stone tools, animal bones processed and hearth. Tour to the old Renaissance mills nature reserve Pantan. Transfer to Kastel Stafilic, download bikes and ride through the castle and learning about the past through a tour of castles, churches, museums and squares. Lecture on the legend of a young couple  Miljenko and Dobrila, Kastela’s Romeo and Juliet whose love even though they married ended tragically. Visits and tours of historic Salons Roman ruins with an expert guide. The ride to Split and Diocletian’s palace visit, Jupiter’s Temple and the Cathedral of St. Duje. Tour Mestrovic Museum, drive to Podstrana and tour the sword in the stone, with an interesting legend of King Arthur who is believed to have lived and died in Podstrana. Sightseeing interior of the island Ciovo bikes, visit one of the oldest shrines in the island monastery of Prizidinica, back to the hotel and farewell dinner.

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