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Day 1:

- Arrival in Split. Introduction to the itinerary. Going to a lecture held in the premises of Zvijezdanog villages Mosor in Split. Introduction to the elements of astronomy: astronomy as a science, the use of telescopes, the formation of stars and planets, are we alone in the universe, the latest about space research. Lunch. Going to an exhibition of photographs of the night sky, stars and planets. Return to hotel. Dinner.

Day 2:

- Breakfast. learning outside the classroom (going to the source of river Žrnovnica tour mountain spring Mali Dibić, visiting caves, learning through life and teaching content through observation, description, data collection, reasoning, data interpretation and explanation of the causes or consequences). “Picnic Lunch” in nature. Introduction to the Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean flora and fauna through nature walk. Return to hotel. Dinner

Day 3:

- Breakfast. Going to Mosor. Panoramic learning environment with astronomical terrace, watching the panoramic telescope (Mosor mountain, Solta, Hvar, Brac, Vis, Apple, Kastela Bay from Ciovo, Split, Solin, Kastela, Trogir …). Lunch. Back on the lookout in the evening. Observing the sky with telescopes night with a guide. Return to the hotel in the late hours. Late dinner


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