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By sea kayak around Trogir


If you wish to avoid passive vacations and enjoy the sea, sun, cultural and natural heritage of Trogir at once, this half day excursion is perfect for you! It doesn’t matter if you’re here with your partner, your family or your friends. It doesn’t even matter if you’re experienced in kayaking or not. All you need to do is come to the meeting point, take the paddles, get into the kayak and leave the rest to our guide.

Paddling around Trogir and the Pantan mills, visiting the Krknjaši lagoon, and numerous coves and beaches; sightseeing tour of the Martinis Marchi castle; visiting mills and enjoying the taverns and local delicacies. The district of Trogir, with its numerous small islands, coves, beaches and cultural sights is exceptionally interesting. This is especially so when you are seeing all this natural, cultural, historical and gastronomic beauty in a unique and adventurous way – by paddling a sea kayak, a truly unforgettable experience.

Using pleasant and not too challenging passages, we will pass by many small and uninhabited islands, stopping on beautiful unspoiled beaches, exploring attractive destinations such as the Krknjaši lagoon, charming Maslenica on the island of Šolta, fisherman’s Veli Drvenik, ancient Trogir and the Pantan mills. Passing by the old olive trees and stone houses you will see how people used to live here. For a moment in time, maybe, you will feel as alone as the fishermen who used to paddle the sea in their fishing boats together. All of this, and the taverns where you will enjoy the smells and tastes of local delicacies, and you will fall in love with the Trogir region.

Tours plan
1. day - (Leg Length / 8 km. Paddling) - Eve guests, accommodation (hotels, private accommodation) in the city of Trogir - Explnation i presentation of programs / tours - Review of Trogir, accompanied by a professional guide - Paddling from Trogir to the south side of the island Ciovo (Bay deep) - An organized activity "Paintball". Dinner at a restaurant on the beach. - Back in the evening (shuttle vans); night
2. day - (Length etape/14 km. Rowing) - Transportation from Trogir to Okrug Donji (shuttle vans), rowing to Krknjaši (Krknjasi - island Drvenik) - Lunch at a local restaurant (by choice), swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, sightseeing and a panorama of the island - Paddling to Solta, accommodation, visit the castle "Martinis Marchi," dinner at a restaurant 8tradicionalna konoba9 - Bed in private accommodation
3. day - (Length etape/15 miles. Paddling) - Breakfast, paddling to the beach Soline Veli Drvenik (including "lunchbox") - Upon arrival freely TIME (swimming, learning the techniques of paddling) - Paddling to the western part of Veli Drvenika, accommodation - Dinner at restaurant "Atelier Tramontana" - Leisure (walk and an option to purchase souvenirs) Bed in private accommodation
4. day - (Length etape/16 km. Rowing) - Breakfast, paddling north side of Veli Drvenika - Lunch (included "lunchbox") with the rest westernmost tip of the island - Rowing around the old town to the watermill - Oproštanja dinner at a restaurant in the old Renaissance mills - Overnight accommodation (hotels, private accommodation)