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Heritage and adventure Cetina region


Dalmatian hinterland-rich and unexplored. Explore with us! You will enjoy the beauty-Cetina River, a tributary of Rudi, a tributary Grab the cave and ”Water.” We will visit the mills in Grab, about 600 years old, where today you can buy a meal. In the shadow of the trees, with the murmur of the brook and the green of nature, you will enjoy the well-famous culinary delights of the region, and you will taste the specialties that were once prepared by the ancient Romans. We will visit the ”Tilurium” - a Roman military camp. Hospitable hosts will teach us to play football and Roman, but the traditional game with these space-bowling. For a real adventure, we ride horses along the river. In the evening we go down canoes down the Cetina, with the light of torches, and feel the true spirit of adventure and the unknown, but so valuable field.

Tours plan
1. day - Welcome guests, ride in the Dalmatian hinterland - Tour Caves "Water", a ride along the slopes Kamešnica, panorama and refreshments in the house - Lunch and tasting of traditional dishes at the tavern, "Malin" - Transportation and smješzaj in pansoinu "Prime Minister" in Trilj, the river Ruda , night canoe down the river Cetina with light flares - Dinner (optional) at the tavern "Teuta" bed
2. day - Breakfast, tour sources Grab streams and mills - meeting with the legend of the region and folk artist Ike - Back, riding along the river as desired - Lunch at the tavern "Teuta" - recreation with learning Roman soccer and bowling - Bed
3. day - Breakfast, visit and review of Sinj with professional conductive escort - free time for souvenir shopping - Lunch at a nearby farm - Bed
4. day - Breakfast - Departure to Trogir, on the way visit to the Cave "Vranjača" - Lunch at a nearby farm - Visit fort "Klis"; tour and panoramic photography - Arrival in Trogir in the afternoon - Accommodation in hotel St. Cross, leisure (swimming) - Overnight (dinner optional)