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Hidden charms of Dalmatian Zagora


Eager to know new areas in Croatia, and you have no ideas? You passed all the cities and villages along the coast of Split – Dalmatia County? Wondering what you have left? Let us introduce you to the historical and ethno-cultural region of Dalmatia, which is not located directly at the sea, but offers the same attraction and a deep and interesting history! The guests are welcomed and introduced to the itinerary of tour and an overview of Trogir, accompanied by a professional guide. Driving under the Klis fortress where we have organized lunch and will be participating in knight games and learn about crafts and weapons of the Middle Ages. Driving to Sinj where we have organized accommodation and a dinner. Morning sightseeing and visitind antiques of town Sinj, accompanied by a professional guide. In the afternoon we will visit Trilj with a city tour with an expert guide. Dinner with Trilj specialties (Cetina trout, frogs, crabs, Arambasics, boiled lamb, veal, pulestar under the lid, kostradina …). Return to hotel and overnight in Sinj. Visit to Vrlika in the morning with a tour of the city, accompanied by a professional guide. Visit to winery “Teskera” where lunch is organized in a domestic environment. The afternoon is reserved for visiting Peruča lake (fishing, boating, visiting dams and hydropower plants, and swimming). Back in Sinj, dinner and overnight. Organized an early morning ride in Sinj in the riding club “Mustang”, lunch at a nearby farm. Afternoon visit the cave Vranjaca near Dugopolje and organized farewell dinner in the old renaissance mills in nature reserve Pantan.

Tours plan
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