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Day 1:

Meeting in Trogir. Visit  UNESCO TOWN with aprofessional guide and introduction to itinerer. Departure to Trilj. Accommodation. Lunch. In the afternoon city tour with guide, introduction to the ancient customs and  grotulja – a series of nuts linked to a necklace that represents the best possible gift. Legend said that the boy  buys grotulja to a girl and placed it around her neck. Accepting grotulja is a sign of accepting the boy’s love. It is a custom that has been nurtured since ancient times. Despite its original symbolism grotulja is now a gift for all generations. Return to the hotel. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 2:

Breakfast. Going to a museum Trilj. The ride to the nearby village Gardun, where on the right bank of the river lies the Roman legionary camp Tilurium (Tilurium). It covers about 12 hectares. Among the findings from Gardun there are many moving there from Roman times, especially fragments of very luxurious ceramic and glass vessels, different jewelery and everyday items, metal parts of military equipment, tools and weapons, pieces of money, and fragments of inscriptions and sculptures. Going to an organized lunch where we taste some of the specialties recognized by Trilj (Cetina trout, frogs and crabs, Aramaic, cooked lamb, veal, pulestar (young rooster) under the lid, koštradina, venison, ham, sheep, goat and cow’s milk cheese (young, hard, from the skins) donuts, etc..) Free time for leisure and individual activities. Return to the hotel. Overnight.

Day 3:

Breakfast. Driving in nearby villages Nutjak and Čačvina. In Nutjak we visit the remains of the once mighty fortress of the late 15th century. Eponymous castle with our expert guide who tels us a story – the urban legend of the ancient times when in these areas lived and fought prince Zarko Dražoveić. Lunch. Visiting Cacvina. Hiking and easy climb to the rocky hill that people today called “Gradina”, or “bastion” where there is a fort and associated tower projecting. The towers are connected by an elongated courtyard. Remains mechanism for crossbow and a large number of so-called dart. Crossbow bolts and molds for casting metal mudstone balls firearm tell us about the brutal warrior who  lived in Čačvina. On the other hand, high-quality glazed ceramics and majolica and fine glass glasses like Krautstrunk tell a different story about the owners and residents of this fort.Return to the hotel.Overnight.

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