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Day 1:

- Gathering in Trogir and learning about the itinerary. Drive to Ljubitovica. Accommodation. Working in a field and picking up the onion from the land. Pause for “brunch” – enjoying the local and indigenous products (olive oil, ham, bacon, sausage, steak, cheese MiĊĦina, capers, wine, brandy, fried Mendule, homemade cakes …). Back in the field and continue picking up onion. Dinner (Peka). Bed

Day 2:

- The early-morning awakening. Breakfast (homemade yogurt, boiled fresh milked cows milk, bread hot from the oven, butter and local honey, onions and olive oil, hard-boiled eggs, homemade ham, eggs with bacon, …). Working in a field and picking up the onion from the land. Lunch break (thick vegetable soup, chicken salad and yung spinach, moussaka with eggplant and meat stew, Cicero and other Dalmatian authentic dishes …). Back in the field and continue working. Dinner (roast cook). Bed

Day 3:

- The early-morning awakening. Breakfast (hot pie with cheese, warm bread with fresh cheese, olives …). Working in the field and learning to tie wreaths from the arc, the day / two previously removed from the dirth. Lunch (lamb roasted with young onions). Tour of the barn and feeding of domestic animals. Dinner with the oldest way of singing in Croatia, which is listed as endangered intangible world heritage – “Ojkanje”. Bed

Day 4:

- Giving “souvenirs” to the guests (wreath port, a bottle of olive oil, a little pot of honey …). Drive to Trogir

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