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Day 1:

- Meeting guests in the early afternoon, accommodation in the town of Trogir. Introduction and presentation of the program / ​​tours. Going to a lecture where we meet with prey – squid, and their way of moving, the annual migration, hunting locations – positions or post offices, harvesting techniques, the optimal time of harvest, winds, weather conditions, etc.. Going to the ship with the help of expert instructors, get the introduction with  the equipment that we will use  hunting and the preparation for night hunting. Picking up packed lunch. Departure at the late afternoon hours on the position / post

(Post locations are near the island of Ciovo, with its outer side and these are the islets and rocks – Celica, Pišćena Vela, Pišćena Mala, Galera, Balkun, islet rocks, Zaporinovac, Kraljevac and St. Fumia)

- Catching the early morning hours, occasionally changing positions. Return to the hotel at dawn. Overnight

Day 2:

- Gathering around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Check in and drive to the Blue Lagoon on Krknjas, for lunch at a restaurant on the island of Great Lech (It is desirable to bring clothes with them in order to later be able to wear for warmer lignjolov). Free time to walk around the island, swimming and other individual activities. Check in the late afternoon. Taking a position / post with occasional changes location

(Post locations are near the island of Solta, with its outer side, and these are the islets and rocks – Ornol, Mačaknar, Ore, Grmej, Polebrnjak, Saskinja, and Balkun)

- Catching the early morning hours. Return to the hotel at dawn. Overnight

Day 3:

- Gathering in the afternoon. A boat ride to the southern side of the island Ciovo, specifically to Uvala Duboka, where we are welcomed by the top chef who teaches us how to clean squid, which are from catching over these two days, and by working together we prepare lunch, which we enjoy in the shade of pine trees with the sound of crickets, listening to the waves crashing against the shore and roll their stones on the beach. Free time for swimming. Return to hotel. Overnight

Day 4:

- Breakfast. Check out the hotel

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