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Full day tour

Join our tour to experience the wild beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the sacred atmosphere of Međugorje. Discover and experience the phenomenon that has made Međugorje one of the most renowned  pilgrimage places throughout the Catholic world, attracting millions of visitors from all over the world. Wheter you are already a true believer or you’re still searching for evidences and reasons to start believing, you will notice a special bond that makes people from all over the world come to Međugorje as strangers and leave as friends. The town’s name Međugorje literaly means “between mountains” and it is situated at an hill of 200m above the sea level. In this small town, surrounded by rocky mountains “Majke Božije Međugorja” has been appearing to several visionaries for over the 30 years, giving them messages to be sent forth into the world about peace, love and devotion. Attend the Holy Mass, those who wish, and allow yourself to experience a very special and unique bond of friendship and love that is almost tangible in this place. Later we can visit the Mount of Apparation where the Virgin Mary appeared to children in 1981 for the first time. You can also try out some homemade culinary specialties, wine and famous “rakija” (brandy).

Professional guide, entrance fees included. Don’t forget to bring your  passport!


Tours plan
- Departure from the hotel according to the plan
09:00 - A coach ride along the coast and via Vrgorac or Baćina Lakes
11:00 - Arrival to shrine of Međugorje and walk to the Apparition Hill or Križevac Hill (not mandatory)
13:00 - Holly mass in St.Jacob church
16:00 - Return to Ljubuški & Vrgorac
18:00 - Arrival in Makarska
19:30 - Arrival in Trogir