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Lovers of culture and history should definitely visit the city of Trogir. The town itself is situated on a small island in the strait between the Island of Čiovo and the mainland with which it is connected by two bridges. You can explore Trogir only by foot. Unique works of art, a turbulent history and the charm of Old Town will surely amaze all visitors. Trogir is literally a city-museum.

The unique historical core, Cathedral entrance created by master Radovan, the art collections which have been arousing the centuries, travelers and travel writers to inspire, offer a tourist beauty, the worth exploring. Kairos is most popular souvenir from Trogir. Kairos is an ancient Greek deity of the favorable moment, which is, according to Greek mythology, a fateful symbol for the best time to take the chance with both hands.

Trogir was founded by Greek colonists from the island of Vis in the third century BC. The most magnificent building of Trogir, the St. Lawrence’s Cathedral. At the tower of the cathedral you can read the former prosperity of the small town. Who dares to climb to the top of the tower can overlook from above the maze as an orderly maze.